Planning Matters

All planning matters for Boxted are the responsibility of Colchester Borough Council.

Boxted Parish Council – are consultees in the planning process but have no powers to grant or refuse planning applications. This decision is made by Colchester Borough Council who are the Planning Authority for this area.

Most applications submitted to Colchester Borough Council, that fall within the Boxted Parish Boundaries, will be considered at Boxted monthly parish council meetings where Boxted Parish Council will discuss and agree its response as a consultee to the application. Parish Council comments to each application considered by the Parish Council will be recorded in Parish Council monthly minutes. This response will be forwarded to Colchester Borough Council for their consideration.

Details of Colchester Borough Council’s Application process including details of how they make decisions can be found on their own website page as detailed below :

Colchester Borough Council’s Planning Policy

Full details of each application (including Parish Council comments) can be found by clicking on the link below.

Search for Planning Applications for Boxted

Village Design Statement

A Village Design Statements is a tool to make sure that new development in our village respects the distinctive visual character of the place.

Village Design Statements do not detail what type of development should take place in a village or the state of local services.

The Village Design Statement is only concerned with the visual character of a village and how it might be protected or enhanced.

Boxted Neighbourhood Plan

Following successful independent examination and public referendum the Boxted Neighbourhood Plan was made (adopted) by Colchester Borough Council on 8th December 2016. 

From that date the Neighbourhood Plan becomes part of the development plan for Colchester Borough. 

Planning applications coming forward in the parish of Boxted will now be determined against policies in the Boxted Neighbourhood Plan and relevant policies in the Colchester Borough Local Plan. 

To view the Neighbourhood Plan please click the link below.