Boxted Biodiversity & Sustainability Volunteer Group

Boxted has a volunteer Biodiversity & Sustainability Group 

The Parish Council is keen to support biodiversity and sustainability projects in Boxted and Councillor Hunt has joined the newly formed volunteer group which hopes to implement positive change in the village.

Being a small village set on the edge of the Dedham Vale AONB we are very fortunate to have such wonderful countryside on our doorstep.  We still, however, face the same threats of environmental degradation and reduction in biodiversity which threatens all of the UK.  This is not just climate change in the conventional sense, although evidently that is a concern, but this is part of a wider ecological crisis with the loss of habitat of native species of flora and fauna that are vital to the ways of life to which we have become accustomed.     

An early project is the designation and planting of areas of the Village Green with wildflower bulbs. Hopefully we will see a lovely display of native flowers that will attract pollinators and wildlife. 

If you are interested in joining the group please get in touch with Councillor Jon Hunt via his email

Another example of an initiative from a local council is the Wivenhoe Wildflower Verges Scheme (  Such a scheme, if deemed viable and justified could be a great start to improving local biodiversity, but the working group would aim to plan for a long-term series of targets.  Examples might include: Community organised composting schemes to encourage home growing of vegetables and fruits and reduction of needless landfill usage, organising classes or  presentations to educate and encourage people to grow sustainable and diverse gardens and vegetable plots, investigating the viability of allotments in or near Boxted and encouraging the consumption of local produce from local small businesses.  There really are many things that could be explored, but we need the ideas, expertise and especially the hard work of locals with a keen interest or experience in such matters.